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From Barn to Table

Where does it come from? 

The majority of our wood comes from barns that have proudly stood in American soil for nearly a century of time. When we are informed that a barn is going to be torn down and no longer used, we evaluate the condition of the wood, the structure itself (to ensure it has not already collapsed in the soil for longer than 3-6 months), and the team who will be tearing it down. Oftentimes we participate in the tearing down process. 

Once the wood has been sorted, we kiln dry each piece to ensure any organic material is immaterialized. We then sort the wood by its potential – whether it should be planed on one side for wallboard, to be used as solid beams, or of course, as planks for our tables and benches. 

Once the wood’s best use is determined, it is ready to be transformed into its new purpose. Depending on the orders placed for that week, the wood will be used that week. After the piece is built, it is taken to our Fenton, MO workshop where it is finished. This is where the beauty of the barnwood really shines through. As we stain, oil, or apply polyurethane to the piece, the barnwood’s story is highlighted. Oftentimes the sawblade marks, nail holes, and weathering signs are emphasized with the finishing products. We carefully sand, stain, and treat each piece with the respect it deserves! 

Once the finishing process is finished, the piece is either delivered to the showroom, shipped to its new home elsewhere in the United States, or picked up by the customer in the case of custom pieces. The hardworking people of our Fenton shop process multiple projects every week, and we never tire of seeing the beautiful work being done there!

We reclaim and renew barnwood so you can reclaim and renew your home. Your space. Your story.

The Barn Raising

The role of authentic barnwood in America’s success is a story worth telling.

Felled directly from a family’s property, the naturally growing trees on a farmer’s property were then formed into beams and walls for the barns.

Incredibly, most barns were usually only built in a day or two, due in large part to the fact that the entire community joined the family on their property to help build them.

Barn-raisings were the social and economic events of the day for many generations. In fact, it’s highly likely that if your grandparents or great-grandparents lived in America, they participated in a barn raising at some point in their lives! 

Barns were essential to a family’s long-term success, sustaining their lives and livelihoods for generations.

Today, these faithful structures are being torn down and replaced with metal and concrete. 

And while we understand that rebuilding is necessary, we also believe that the enduring qualities found in barnwood are worth reclaiming and renewing for generations to come.

Our Barnwood Story


We transform living spaces into gathering places by creating beautiful, timeless reclaimed barnwood furniture pieces from local barn wood that reflects your unique style and personality.  Most of our furniture is created from the wood of 100-year-old barns and is custom-designed to suit the needs in your home or commercial space. While your guests will surely admire it, you’ll enjoy how it reflects your personality even more.

Each nail, knothole, scratch and imperfection of the reclaimed lumber material adds to the character of each piece, making your reclaimed furniture the focal point of any room and a timeless investment you’ll cherish for a lifetime. And much like the memories you’ll make in your home, your furniture is guaranteed to be one of a kind.

We offer the best wallboard available. One wall may contain wood from as many as 15 barns! The wood is planed to less than a 1/2 inch and cut down and bundled by width to make install a breeze. Wallboard if readily available and can be shipped or picked up the same day you place your order.

In 2011, Reclaim Renew purchased our first load of barnwood in North County, MO. There is a distinct difference between authentic barnwood and particle board that has been glued together and painted to look like barnwood.

There is no comparison! Barns that were built several generations ago were often built from trees that were already naturally growing on the property. These trees were not “farmed” as they are today, but seeded naturally and grew on their own. When a farming family came to acquire the land, they would often carefully select the sturdiest, strongest trees from their property to erect their barns. Often the entire community would come to their property for the day and there would be a celebratory “barn raising.” 

We purchase barnwood milled from all kinds of trees – oak, cedar, chestnut, hickory, or poplar, to name a few. 

The uniqueness of each wood grain and tree type is highlighted beautifully when the wood is treated. Once the wood is kiln-dried to remove any potentially organic material, the beautiful transformation begins. Cutting, planing, sanding ,and then oiling or staining the wood brings out deeper, richer tones and surprising variations in each piece. No piece of wood is ever exactly like another. Barnwood that is naturally muted by weather is absolutely gorgeous and often creates grey and white tones. Muted wood tones can also be made more vibrant by oil or stain to enhance their natural colors.

Perfect Imperfection

We truly hope that our customers don’t want barnwood just because it’s popular.

Rather, we hope that each of our clients see the subtle yet profound history in each mark, the inherent perfection in each flaw.

That every knothole, tree ring, nail-hole and saw blade mark would create wonder and appreciation for the stories that have come before it, and excitement for those still yet to come.

Expect the wood to expand & contract with the weather and humidity. You may see some cracks and gaps occur at different times of the year.  It is a natural process and we are unable to predict what the wood will do once in your environment.  For example: if a crack occurs in the winter months, it is likely the crack will close back in the summer humidity.

Made from old, salvaged barnwood, your Reclaim Renew items will have naturally occurring imperfections.

When repurposing wood that has a long history, expect to see a variety of characteristics show up. Stress fractures and cracks might be visible. They are not flaws, but rather proof of the barnwood’s rich history.

We at Reclaim Renew truly hope that our products bring you great joy, as well as the reminder that everything can be renewed.


We carry the best wallboard available. One wall may contain wood from as many as 15 barns. The wood is planed to less than a 1/2 inch and cut down and bundled by width to make install a breeze.

Wallboard if readily available and can be shipped or picked up the same day you place your order.


A barnwood mantel gives your fireplace an even warmer welcome and invitation to gather with the people (or books!) you love.  As with our shelves and beams, our mantels are created hollow, giving them a much lighter weight and less complicated install application. Our standard lengths are 5, 6, or 7 feet long. For finishes, please select light, medium or dark. Examples of these finishes and how they look on different types of wood are shown.


Our hollow barnwood beams are crafted with such precision that it is virtually impossible to realize they are not solid. As with our mantels and floating shelves, our beams are assembled and delivered ready to install. We have many lengths ready to be stained and delivered. By building lap joints into our beams, we can customize the length to fit your ceiling snugly from end to end.

Floating Shelves

Minimal and rustic, yet absolutely stunning accents that elevate the beauty of their surrounding finishes as well. Floating shelves add texture, functionality, and a modern flair to any space you have, including fireplaces, kitchenettes, bathrooms, and living spaces. A cost-effective way to get a real bang for your buck.

Barn Doors and Hanging Hardware

They may be aged, but they are the most popular kids on the block these days! Sure, there are knock-off made from plywood, but for those looking to install a true barnwood door made in the USA from barnwood we gather ourselves in the MidWest, look nowhere else. The stories these doors tell become conversation pieces with all your guests. T

Door sizes are 38″ X 83″ and are usually available with no wait. Custom doors can be ready in 4-6 weeks. Doors come with hardware sourced by the best in the industry – made specifically for authentic barn doors. You can rest assured your doors will glide smoothly and hang securely as gorgeous entry points to any room you choose.

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