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Choose your style, your size, your color

Design your dream table with Reclaim Renew! Choose between three different base styles:

  • Curved Trestle, H-Frame, or Straight Trestle Plus.
  • Next choose between black, white, or gray for the color of the base.
  • Determine what size top you would like and pick between the three different finishes that we offer for tops!

It is that easy! Tables will be on their way to you within a week!


Our mission is to reclaim decades (even centuries) old barnwood and renew its story as barnwood wallboard – wood that was used to shelter and protect those living within its walls before it came to us. When these barns or shelters are no longer needed for their original purpose, but still clearly have lots of life left in them, we select the boards and beams we believe our clients would love to incorporate into their own homes and stories. This gives our wood both modern and vintage appeal, creating texture, visual interest, and beautiful depths of color to any space it occupies!

All our barnwood is processed through a kiln to make sure it is thoroughly dry and insect-free. Our wallboard is then run through a horizontal bandsaw to create wood pieces between 1/4 and 1/2 inch thick. This makes each piece light and easy to handle. It also creates a smooth backside for easy adhesion to walls or surfaces. The boards are cut to varied lengths and bundled together based on width. Each bundle is roughly 3, 4, 5, or 6 inches wide.

How to order our wallboard

Measure the surface of your wall by multiplying the width of the wall by the height. This will give you the square footage needed to cover your space. We strongly suggest that you order about 10% more than the size of the surface you are covering. The minimum quantity is 50 square feet; the price is $10 per square foot. Contact us for orders over 500 square feet for special shipping and pricing options.

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FREE SHIPPING on orders over $1,500!


We are proud to be an Annie Sloan Stockist based in St. Louis. One of the world’s most respected paint and colour experts, Annie Sloan brings decades of knowledge – and plenty of style – to her hugely popular line of decorative paint, Chalk Paint®. And with books, brushes, stencils, and fabrics, her inspirations are transforming more and more homes every day.

As one of the world leading experts in paint and colour, Annie Sloan has developed paints that are not only fun to use, but easy too. For most surfaces, her decorative paint, Chalk Paint®, offers the ultimate in flexibility with colours that can be mixed together, lightened or darkened. Chalk Paint® can be thickened or thinned, used as a wash or even a dye. Seal it with clear Chalk Paint® Wax or Annie Sloan Lacquer.


We handcraft custom furniture and cabinetry for homes, stores, restaurants, builders, and designers.

Whether you’re looking for a custom conference table, a rustic kitchen dining table or a reclaimed wood home entertainment center, one thing’s for sure: You’ve come to the right place!

Our focus is on creating custom reclaimed wood furniture from local barnwood – furniture that reflects your personal style and enhances your home, making it into the place you’ve always imagined it can be.

Contact us to create the reclaimed wood furniture piece of your dreams! You can also visit our showroom to see lots of reclaimed wood furniture samples.

We Deliver and Ship all over the Country!

Free local pickup is also available at our St. Louis locations.

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