Wood-framed buildings with metal siding and roofs. Barndominiums are practical and efficient, saving you money in both the building process and long-term homeownership. Our expertise shines in interior and exterior finishes, where we personally construct everything from trim around your doors to custom kitchen cabinets. As the manufacturer, we provide true custom finishes at affordable pricing. We specialize in building small portable buildings (mini barndominiums) or large on-slab homes.


No matter your stage, we can assist you:

Need Land?

We work with Trophy Properties to find your dream location.

Need Design?

Choose from our ready-to-go designs or collaborate with our amazing designer/architect to make your dreams a reality.

Just Need Material?

We partner with Missouri suppliers for the best pricing.

Want to be Your Own General Contractor?

We can provide guidance.

Want Us to Do Everything?

We’ve got you covered.


What’s Great About a Barndominium?


Every inch is usable space, minimizing wasted areas.

Look Great:

Simple design is beautiful. With our variety of metal colors and styles, our barndos have amazing curb appeal.


Our buildings use high-quality materials sourced, whenever possible, right here in Missouri. Well insulated, well constructed providing savings for years to come.

Mini Barndos:
Versatile Living for Every Occasion

Explore endless possibilities with our Mini Barndominiums – perfect for weekend getaways, short-term rentals, office studios, mother-in-law suites, and beyond. These 440-square-foot marvels combine structural soundness with modern efficiency.

Crafted for convenience, Mini Barndos feature metal siding and roofing, ensuring nearly maintenance-free living. Personalize your space with dozens of color options and enjoy abundant natural light filtering through vinyl windows. Relax on the front porch with cedar beams and composite decking, creating the ideal spot to unwind.

Inside, discover a cozy retreat with shiplap and corrugated metal covering walls and ceilings. The one-bedroom layout includes a bathroom with a walk-in shower and reclaimed wood vanity, complemented by a concrete sink. Concrete countertops add durability and aesthetic appeal to the kitchen, equipped with highly functional high-end cabinetry.

For year-round comfort, our Mini Barndos come equipped with a tankless water heater and a mini-split system for efficient heating and cooling. Recessed lighting enhances the ambiance, creating a warm and inviting environment.

Versatility is key – these Mini Barndos can either be plugged into a generator for off-grid living or easily connected to community power. As an added convenience, they can be purchased fully furnished, ensuring a move-in-ready home tailored to your taste and lifestyle. Embrace simplicity, functionality, and style with our Mini Barndos – the epitome of modern living in a compact footprint.


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